Cashew, Hemp & Peanut Butter

Hemp seed oil and hemp hearts are two of the absolute best nutritional products we can eat, but what’s the easiest way of adding them into your diet on a daily basis?  How about making a delicious nut butter that has both the oil and hearts, with the added crunch and flavour of cashews and peanuts.

Filled with amino acids, minerals, vitamins and omegas hemp hearts are also packed full of protein, all you need is a couple of tablespoons a day to reap the benefits. All you need to do is spread some on your favourite seed bread, pop a couple of spoons into your smoothie or use as a topping on chia seed pudding.

In this recipe only the cashews and peanuts are dry roasted, I added the hemp hearts and oil at the end to ensure their nutritional qualities stayed in tact.  I don’t recommend buying roasted nuts as they are often roasted with oil with salt, and it’s pretty easy to roast your own. When you roast nuts keep the temperature low to medium as you don’t want to harm the healthy fats or have acrylamide form.

Cashew, Hemp & Peanut Butter

1/2 cup Cashew pieces

1 cup Shelled peanuts

3 Tbs Hulled Organic Hemp Hearts

1 Tbs Green Goddess Hemp Seed Oil

2.5 Tbs Rice Bran Oil

Himalayan Salt to taste

Place the peanuts on a roasting tray and roast in the oven at 150°C (make sure it doesn’t go over 160°C) for approximately 5 minutes, then add cashew pieces and roast for a further 12 minutes, keep an eye on them as you don’t want them over roasted (already did this once and it wasn’t good). For the best flavour and texture less is more when roasting your nuts.

Take out of the oven and let cool, then put in a food processor or use a mini moulinex and dice, I like my nut butter smoothish with a little crunch, stop when you reach the consistency you like.

Next add the hemp hearts, both oils and a little salt to taste (you may prefer none at all). Process again on low until combined. If you need to add more oil do so and combine again. Taste it and when you’re happy scoop out and store in an airtight jar, will keep for several months in a dark cupboard.

Check if it’s legal to consume hemp hearts in your country before eating.


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