Break Those Bad Cleaning Habits

Do you have any cleaning bad habits? Or perhaps you’re not sure if you do. It’s very easy to overcome bad habits if we are aware of them, even with my arsenal of natural products I still don’t like cleaning the toilet and tend to leave it a little longer than I should.

This article from guest blogger Jacky looks at seven cleaning habits that you may be doing but should probably avoid.

Using dirty cleaning tools

Are you cleaning your tools as often as you should be? If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your cleaned your brooms, brushes, cloths, sponges etc now is the time.

If it’s been way too long, it might even be time for you to replace them with something new and maintain them going forward.

Using dirty cleaning tools on dirty surfaces is, well, dirty. The surface may look like it’s clean, but it can still have poor sanitation if the item you are using to clean it is dirty.

That’s why you should clean your cleaning tools and replace them when they’re worn out or just to dirty to do the job.

Leaving dirty dishes

Letting dirty dishes soak in a sink full of water is just plain yuk, however, most people have done this at one point or another.

Not only are you procrastinating, but you’re also making your dishes a hotspot for germs and bacteria to accumulate.

Try to clean your dishes as soon as possible and don’t leave them for the next day. It’s most hygienic to wash your dishes soon as you finish your meal.

Excessive use of cleaning products

Applying an excess of cleaning solution doesn’t necessarily make whatever we’re cleaning cleaner. If using commercial cleaning products they can even have the opposite effect.

Over using spray solutions can stay behind on surfaces attracting dirt which can then stick and stay there. It’s best to only use a sufficient amount of cleaning solution for the task and to wipe off thoroughly.

Using harsh cleaning products

The over use of harsh commercial cleaning products in our home can be harmful to us. Many standard home cleaning products are full of toxins that you do not want sprayed excessively around your home. Some even have warnings against prolonged exposure.

When you’re exposed to these chemicals for too long, they can cause various symptoms, like skin irritation and respiratory issues. If you have kids or pets at home, please be even more cautious.

Instead of opting for the usual and chemical-laden cleaning products, why not grab some natural cleaning products? They’ll do the work that your old cleaning products do without exposing you or your family to harmful chemicals.

Relying on paper towels

Do you rely too much on paper towels to clean up spills and messes? Even if you use very few paper towels, they still add up which is wasteful for the environment and your wallet.

Instead of relying so much on single use paper towels, look for reusable options. One example would be reusable eco wipes that are from bamboo or natural materials. You can use them again and again.

Once you finish with it and want to throw it away, just add it to your compost pile or garden, they are biodegradable and will go back into the earth instead of ending up in landfills.

Storing cleaning supplies improperly

Dedicate a single space where you’re going to store your cleaning products. Having a dedicated space will reduce the time it takes to get all of your cleaning items together.

Have a bucket or container where you can put all of your cleaning tools, so you don’t need to go back and forth between rooms to get the tools you need.

It is also easier to secure potentially hazardous items if they’re all in the one place.

Putting off cleaning

Avoid postponing your house’s cleaning session as much as possible. Scheduling it at a later date when you already know it’s messy will add more work for you in the long run.

Remember: It’s easier to clean something that’s already spick-and-span than something filthy.

Over to You

It’s okay to have a few lousy cleaning habits, but you should try avoid sustaining them as much as possible. With that said, if your bad cleaning habit is on this list, it’s good that you are now more aware.

The next step is to have the self-discipline not to do it again.

Next time you notice yourself repeating unsanitary cleaning habits, remind yourself of the adverse effects. That way, you can steer yourself away and do the right thing.

About the Author:

Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer at Maid Sailors Cleaning Service Chicago. Maid Sailors takes pride in providing unparalleled cleaning services at affordable prices and will help transform your house into a home.