Protect Your Delicates With A Bran Wash

Cleaning delicates like silk and expensive underwear can be fraught with difficulty. It’s hard to find something which is soft enough not to damage the fabric yet robust enough to clean! Harsh commercial powders can harm your delicates by causing the fibres to bond and stick together, creating a ridged feel to the garment.

One way to keep your delicates looking and feeling gorgeous is to wash them in bran. This old-fashioned method will help protect the fibres, and also keeps colours vibrant. When washing, you should use warm water (not hot), wash by hand, and dry the garments inside out and away from direct sun to prevent fading.

Once you’ve completed the bran process, wash your items by hand in a gentle laundry liquid such as our Lavender Laundry Liquid which is super gentle and has full instructions written on the label.

Bran Wash For Delicates

Get a large handkerchief or piece of cotton and put a cup of bran into the centre. Bring the edges together and tie it tightly at the top with some string so that you have a big cloth ball of bran.
Put this in a pot with three litres of water and bring it to the boil. Simmer for 10 minutes, let cook and squeeze the bran bag before removing. The bran water will look cloudy. Soak your delicates in it and wash as usual.


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