Can Baby Wipe Solution Prevent Nappy Rash

Along with frequent changing, the next best thing you can do to prevent nappy rash is to use our super soothing, totally natural, Baby Wipe Solution. Made of nothing but filtered water, witch hazel hydrosol and rosewater hydrosol it’s effective and gentle, we believe it’s the best baby wipe solution on the market.

Commercial baby wipes often contain many ingredients that can irritate the skin, one of the worst offenders is the preservative isothiazolinone, also known as methylisothiazolinone or Kathon.

This preservative can cause nasty allergic reactions and should be avoided at all times, it’s also in an array of personal care products so read ingredients labels carefully. This article explains what it is, where it can be found and what damage it does.

Wendyl’s Baby Wipe Solution is naturally antibacterial and does not contain any preservatives, it gently cleanses the skin without drying it out. Because there are no nasty chemicals to react too, nappy rash will be a thing of the past.

Try using the solution as a refreshing face toner and as a hand and face cleanser, perfect for when you’re on the go. Each bottle comes with a spray trigger so it’s easy to use with a dry cloth. Cut up some chux cloths and dirty throw them in the wash to use again. If that’s not your thing we sell soft, chemical free, skin safe wipes from Thinkwise here.

If you’d like to keep your wipes wet and ready for instant use place your cloths in a resealable container and pour over some of the baby wipe solution, just enough to wet the wipes, store the rest of the solution out of the sun in a cool place and refill your container when needed. We sell a PBA free cube that’s perfect for wipes here.

Few things are worse than an irritable baby with sore red rashes, if your baby does have skin issues apply Wendyl’s Natural Baby Balm, it works wonders on dry, inflamed, sensitive skin and heals nappy rash within days as long as what’s causing the rash is no longer happening.


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