knitted baby clothes


Baby Knitting Patterns

We have a new baby arriving in the family soon (my niece Mariko is pregnant) so I’ve spent the last few weeks knitting up a storm.   I made a small blanket which is ideal for swaddling and using in those tiny baby capsules, plus booties and beanie to match, then I made a lovely little singlet which is knitted all in one piece from this pattern, which Wellington Hospital distributes. I’m going to knit up …


waste water, blue water pipe with a leak


How Much Water Goes into It?

We all (hopefully) know that all our fruit and veggies require water to grow, but how much exactly? All the meat we eat comes from an animal who most definitely would have needed water to survive at some point. Here’s a great post to get you thinking about how much water is needed and being wasted unnecessarily on things we might not normally associate with water consumption, like our jeans and t-shirts.


lemon and honey drink in glasses on green cloth


Immunity Boosting Citrus Drink Recipe

  The water contamination situation in Havelock North has highlighted the importance of having a strong immune system as this can assist with a faster recovery.  This recipe is super healthy and is my favourite citrus and honey drink. At home we have quite a lot of fruit falling off our lemon and grapefruit trees and I don’t like to see any wasted, so at this time of the year I start to freeze the base …