Ash’s Buddha Bowls

Our friend, healer and coach Ash from Soul House has shared her take on a Buddha Bowl: a large bowl jam-packed full of raw and cooked veggies, nuts, seeds, and healthy carbohydrates like quinoa or brown rice.

“Buddha Bowls are known to be nourishing as they are packed with veg and are delicious to eat. I’m an intuitive cook and tend to throw what I have in the kitchen together to create a meal. I have my favourite dipping sauces ready made in the fridge as they can turn a simple meal into something tasty.”

Here’s how to make your Buddha Bowl

* 1 small portion of cooked quinoa or  brown rice mix

* Chopped greens of your choice

* Shaved cucumber

* Avocado & radish slices

* Sprouts

* Kumara chips or sliced kumara toast

* Steamed broccoli

* Pan-fried haloumi – optional

* Chick peas or other beans

* Chopped nuts

What Now?

Place the quinoa and brown rice mix at the bottom of the bowl and layer your veggies on top. Serve with dipping sauces and chopped nuts.

Check out my two favourite dipping sauces; Spicy Coconut and Coriander Chilli Pesto here 


Arohanui whanau X


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