Are Commercial Baby Wipes Ok?

New babies can require up to eight changes a day, and with most changes comes the need for baby wipes. They’re quick and convenient, but what about all that packaging and the harmful chemicals that most commercial wipes contain?

Conventional baby wipes are a leading cause of nappy rashes and allergic reactions. However, if you opt for a natural option like our Baby Wipe Solution and washable chux cloths or Thinkwise skin safe wipes, you can make your own reusable baby wipe container and vastly cut down on allergens and plastic packaging.

Each time you use commercial baby wipes, you are applying the chemicals present in the wipes on your baby’s delicate and soft skin. To keep the growth of fungus, bacteria and mould away from the dark and damp baby wipe packet, preservatives are added.

Most baby wipes will be advertised as suitable for use from day one, but a newborn’s skin is particularly sensitive at this stage. Some wipes also contain ‘perfume’ or ‘fragrance’ which is an umbrella term referring to an undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals.

Here’s what to look out for in commercial baby wipes.

Phenoxyethanol (preservative can cause eczema & respiratory health problems)

Malic acid

Benzyl alcohol

Tocopherol acetate

Methylisothiazolinone (another preservative)


Ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxin. Both are potentially powerful skin irritants

Peg-40 hydrogenated caster oil

Polysorbate 20

Butoxy PED-4 PG-Amodimethicone


BIS-PEG/PPG-16/16 PEG/PPG-16/16 Dimethicone

Ceteareth-12 and Ceteareth-20 (these are particularly bad)

Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate

Phthalates usually associated with the fragrance mixes, these can be hidden so avoid all wipes with fragrance listed.



A baby’s skin is very delicate and much more sensitive than adult skin. Repeated use of baby wipes can easily cause irritation to your baby’s skin which may include:

Developing itchiness and soreness

Skin turning reddish and dry


More severe side effect includes blisters

Burning sensation that can be bothersome for the baby

Inhaling of fumes if wipes used near the face causing coughing and possible respiratory issues.

We cannot deny the fact that the baby wipes are very convenient to use especially when you are constantly on the go.

The best option is to choose totally natural wipes or make your own using our kit.

Here are some tips to help you use baby wipes safely:

Only use wipes that are alcohol-free and unscented as they will minimise irritation

Avoid rubbing the bottom of the baby with wipes during nappy change. Wipe slowly and gently

Use wipes only during nappy change and avoid using them to clean baby’s mouth and other body parts thus reducing the chances of an allergy

Applying a thin layer of Wendyls Baby Balm or a natural unscented barrier cream to baby’s bottom after every nappy change.


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