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Apricot, Cashew & Ginger Bars

As we settle into the routine of work again we are finding that we need a little power snack to get through the mornings, but not just any old snack. Something healthy and delicious, yet bursting with flavour, that will fill that gap until lunchtime.

The lovely ladies at I Am Co had just this thing for us. The idea behind these beauties was to be a ‘breakfast bar’, for when you’re in a rush – running out the door with no time to eat, still hungry after your morning smoothie or when you’ve just worked out and you need some sustenance pronto!

Rolled oats are the base ingredient which helps to bind and fill them together so they’re a little denser and heartier than a bliss ball, which we need sometimes. You can use gluten-free oats if needed.

The rest of the ingredients are simple but high quality.

Always buy organic and unsulfered dried apricots if you can, not only are they free of the yucky preservative – ‘sulfur dioxide’ but they taste completely different- so much more flavour.

I soaked the raw cashews for a couple of hours (it’s always a good idea to soak them for as long as you can to reduce the digestive inhibitors that can come with raw nuts)


1 large cup rolled oats

1 cup raw cashews

1 handful of organic unsulfered dried apricots

1-2 tbsp honey, dark coconut nectar or brown rice syrup (or whatever liquid sweetener you have on hand).

1 tbsp chia seeds (made into gel – mixed with 3 tbsp water)

1 tbsp raw coconut oil

1 tbsp raw maca powder

1 inch ginger – finely chopped

1 tsp cinnamon

How to:

1. Throw the cashews and apricots into a food processor and whizz until a fairly chunky mix is formed.

2. Throw cashew and apricot mix into a bowl with the oats, chia, maca, cinnamon and ginger then mix thoroughly.

3. Pour in the sweetener and coconut oil and get your hands in there to mix it all up, get it nice and sticky (you may need to add a dribble or two of water to make it bind).

4. Take the mixture out of bowl and place into a lined flat tin. Press down firmly and pop into the fridge.  You could also top these with a little desiccated coconut here.

5. Slice into bars or squares and place into an airtight container.

If you make these please share your images! Make sure you tag us on instagram @greengoddessnz & @i.am.company so we can see your yummy creations.

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  1. HI
    Can you tell me please where I can purchase Gluten Free Oats- I live in Rotorua and non of the supermarkets here have them.
    thanks so much
    kind regards

  2. I am wary of gluten free oats as I am a Coeliac and I have heard that they may not be free enough of gluten for me, so I will try using quinoa flakes instead.

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