Anyone For A Switchel?

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You’ve probably heard of Honeygar, which is a blend of apple cider vinegar (with the mother in it) and honey (preferably raw Manuka) that you can drink as a tonic in water or add to salad dressings, marinades and the like, but have you heard of a Switchel?

As in, “Can I have a Switchel on ice please?”

A Switchel is very similar to Honeygar as they are both made from apple cider vinegar and honey, however a Switchel is often made with lemon, ginger, cinnamon or other fruit to create a flavoursome refreshing drink, perfect to enjoy during summer.

There are also many health benefits, similar to making a tonic from Honeygar, both build healthy gut bacteria and aid with digestion, and can help to shed weight whilst increasing energy and boosting immunity.

To make Honeygar theres a lovely recipe and article on this site.

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How To Make A Switchel

3 1/2 cups filtered water, split in half

1/2 lemon – although you can use oranges or other citrus

4 slices ginger

2 tablespoons Organic Apple Cider with the mother in

1 tablespoon Raw Manuka Honey


Bring one cup of water and sliced ginger to the boil then let cool completely, it’s really important to let it cool before you put the ACV in so you don’t lose any of the nutritional benefits.

Next add the rest of the water, ACV, juice from half the lemon and the honey and stir to combine.

Pour the lot into a large jar and store in the fridge, will keep for about a week.

This drink is really nice over ice, you can also add a cinnamon stick or some mint.

If you’d like to make a syrup reduce the water by two thirds, then you can add this to sparkling water when required, the syrup will keep for a little longer in the fridge.

Thanks to Taste Of Home for the inspiration.

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  1. This is not the recipe for Switchel that I use. It is an early American drink, also known as ‘field punch’. Like a ‘natural’ gatorade. It uses molasses, acv, ginger & I use some lemon.
    I work outside, so I take it with me when I work. In the heat of the summer, it is a refreshing boost of potassium.

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        Here’s a classic Haymaker’s Punch recipe, which was unearthed from the archives of The Old Farmer’s Almanac:

        1 gallon water
        1 ½ cups molasses
        â…“ cup apple cider vinegar
        1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger
        We like molasses, but you could replace it with maple syrup, honey, or another sweetener. You could cut back the sweetener, too. Find the right balance for you. Remember to start with less—as you can always add more. Switchel shouldn’t coat your mouth; it should taste refreshing. Another idea is to add a teaspoon of fresh lemon or lime juice for zing.

        1. Your recipe it really so much better tasting than others I’ve found. )I found a recipe with molasses instead of honey but you have to make a gallon of the drink) I also used powdered organic ginger. I used 1/8 tsp ginger. I wanted more lemon so I added that as well. It’s a wonderful post. I hope everyone tries it. My granddaughter even said it tasted really good! LOL! Thanks bunches!

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