Amino Mantra Vegan Patties

These are my absolute favourite vegan patties! I first tried them at the Go Green Expo last year and was very impressed with the flavour and texture. Some pre-made vegan patties can often be quite hard and dry but these are medium in texture with maximum taste.

There are five different flavours to choose from, Caramelised Garlic & Chive, Fijian Turmeric and Cumin, Sun Dried Tomato & Basil, Smoky BBQ and Black Truffle & Thyme (my fav).

At Amino Mantra we love our plants in the buff, just like mother nature made them.

So just who are Amino Mantra? They are a chef and a food scientist who fell in love….

Amino Mantra is founded by husband and wife team, chef Pritesh Kajaria and food scientist Trang Duong-Kajaria. This is what they have to say about how it all began:

“Through our years of experience in the food industry we’ve seen the negative impacts that our modern eating habits have on our bodies and the environment. After we had our baby, we became determined to make a difference for ourselves and our next generation. We started practicing a zero-waste lifestyle and learned how a plant based diet can not only improve our health and wellbeing, but also leave a lighter footprint on our planet.

Disappointed to discover that many plant based food options on the market were full of processed ingredients such as extracted gluten, texture modified proteins, processed protein isolates and derived gums, we began making our own. Using our combined skills in food science and culinary art, we started to produce delicious, nutritious food that made us feel fantastic.

As time went on, we began to meet more and more people who were looking to move to a plant based diet and recognised their struggle to find healthy, nutritionally complete options. Realising that good food can add value to people’s lives, we became determined to share our products with others. We are proudly handcrafting our plant patties in Auckland and sharing the love for good food with people at farmers’ markets and retail stores – Farro Fresh, Simply Fresh, The Island Grocer and select New World stores in Auckland.”

And with that, Amino Mantra was born.

Green Goddess discovered Amino Mantra last year at the Healthy Living & Allergy Show and fell in love with their food. The flavours are just divine : Caramelised Garlic & Chive, Fijian Turmeric and Cumin, Sun Dried Tomato & Basil, Smoky BBQ and Black Truffle & Thyme. Click here to see a list of stockists near to you.

Amino Mantra Plant Patties are made from certified organic vegetables, lentils, beans, seeds, herbs and spices. They are Coeliac New Zealand certifed safe and free from gluten, soy, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, mustard, lupin, sulphites, eggs, fish, shellfish, pea-protein isolates and any artificial additives/preservatives.

They are minimally processed, easy to digest and super quick to cook. You can pair them up with any meals that you like. The packaging is designed with zero-waste in mind – home & commercially compostable vacuum-bags and gold award winning recyclable outer boxes which are printed with vegetable oils.

So what makes them so different from other products out there? They believe the difference is in their philosophy.

Nutritionally Complete
Eating a plant based diet can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to getting all your nutritional needs—particularly in the case of amino acids. These small chains of protein so vital for building our DNA cannot be produced by our body and so must be obtained from what we eat. The 9 essential amino acids our body requires can all be found in animal protein, but plant based protein sources are generally missing a few. Most plant based food products on the market contain just one type of plant protein, meaning you’re missing out on the nutrients your body needs.

At Amino Mantra we combine different plant protein sources to ensure every mouthful delivers your 9 essential amino acids. Carefully selecting ingredients for their nutritional value, we combine grains, vegetables, beans and seeds to get the maximum macro-nutrients, resulting in food that’s high in protein, dietary fibre and good fatty acids along with unprocessed carbohydrates.

All Natural
We believe that plant based food can be nutritionally complete and taste amazing without the need to mess with it. We let plants be plants as nature intended, instead of trying to make them into meat alternatives. We treat our ingredients with respect, keeping them in their most natural forms and never adding preservatives, artificial additives or ultra-processed extras.

Organic Ingredients
Organic farming closely promotes resource cycling, ecological balance and preserves biodiversity, aligning with our philosophy that chemical-free food can benefit our health and the planet. Wherever possible, we use organic beans, lentils, seeds and vegetables in our products. From organic sundried tomatoes to spray-free fresh Fijian turmeric, every ingredient is sourced with consideration and care.

Hand Crafted 
We make food with honesty and integrity and you’ll taste it in our products.  All our food is hand crafted in small batches by our chef using recognisable ingredients that you can find in your own pantry. From prepping to packing, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring each batch tastes incredible and that every product is made with love and care.

Pritesh & Trang also feel very strongly about giving back to the community. Here’s what they had to say:

“We realise that a business cannot exist in a vacuum or outside a community. We want to make a difference in the community by supporting organisations that do noble work.

We are working with Cycling without Age Pt Chevalier – a charity that connects elderly people with young cyclists (or pilots) in the community. The program allows riders and pilots to connect with the world, with their community and with nature.

Social isolation is a huge problem for elderly people in the western world, and New Zealand is no exception. Research has shown that there are more than 60,000 severely lonely older people in New Zealand, and loneliness has been shown to have as bad an effect on health as smoking (Age Concern, 2017).

But it is not just elderly people who will benefit. Young adults have been shown to have high rates of loneliness as well, as family structures change and many families live further apart. Many younger people miss out on the experience of having grandparents and caring for an older person.

Cycling without Age provides young people with the opportunity to get outside into the fresh air, away from their phones, and to make a connection with people in their community. This can have a massive impact on the health and well-being of our society.”

Their Community

When it comes to well-being and health, eating good food is just a part of it. At Amino Mantra, we are always seeking to further our knowledge & understanding about overall health and wellness. We are connected with like-minded professionals who are dedicated to making the world a healthier and happier place. Click here to read more.

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