Amazing Amazeballs

bliss balls with coconut, sesame seeds and chocolate powder

After last weeks delicious but sugar happy jam recipe I felt like a sweet snack that didn’t contain a heap of added sugar, I came across this recipe for Amazeballs that Wendyl created to highlight using Fairtrade and Tradeaid ingredients whilst keeping added sugar out of the picture.

This recipe uses just the sweetness from the dates and a tiny bit of 70% cocoa dark chocolate. The nutrition of the dates, almonds and coconut milk makes this a great alternative to muesli bars that are often high in refined sugar, pop a couple of these into the kids lunchboxes for a healthy sweet treat or grab one when your energy takes a dive in the afternoon and get a pick-me-up without the heavy added sugar load.

For more information on Fairtrade products and how using them has a positive impact on farmers and workers around the world follow this link  


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