Aluminium Recycling for Charity

Have you ever wondered what you could do with your empty aluminium Green Goddess deo tins or what a better use for soda caps, beer caps and wine bottle lids would be? Well, wonder no more!

Lions Club have partnered with Kidney Kids to help raise funds and we are proudly getting behind this campaign too.

To get involved yourself, drop off your collection of caps, lids and deo tins. If you click this link it will give you more information about where to send the aluminium in your local area. And for those of you local to Green Goddess, we have set up a collection point in-store.

Send us back your aluminium Deo tins, and your collection of beer caps and wine bottle lids – don’t throw them into the recycling bin as they can go towards raising funds for NZ charity Kidney Kids. This can be done by sending them into us here at Green Goddess or you can contact your local Lions Club and send them there as they have partnered with Kidney Kids. This link will give you more information about where to send your aluminium in your local area.

Lions Clubs throughout the country support Kidney Kids, a not-for-profit organisation that supports children with kidney disease, their families and whānau. They provide families with resources, information, family support events, personal development, hospital visits, home visits and other assistance such as dialysis machines. Once collected the aluminium is sold to be recycled with the funds generated going towards the charity.

Kidney Kids assistance includes the provision of regular newsletters, information / resources regarding kidney disorders and organising annual camps for children who may not be able to attend ordinary school camps because of their medical needs. 

So, if you use our natural deodorants which come in a tin, or you enjoy a beer or glass of wine every now and then, remember to save the lids separately. Once you have a bag full send them in and help to raise money for Kidney Kids instead of just throwing them away in the recycling bin.

For more information have a listen to this audio interview with Wendy Goodwin on Radio NZ.