DIY After Shave Splash

As with other lotions and potions for the face, aftershaves can contain a whole bunch of nasties that are not ideal for your man to be splashing all over his face after a shave. The pores are even more open than usual at this time and will absorb everything you put directly on the skin.

I recommend staying away from any aftershaves that have a high concentration of alcohol or solvents such as ethyl acetate and benzyl. These are not good for your skin and have been linked to certain cancers. Also, steer clear of anything that contains fragrance, camphor, and parabens.

Why not spoil your man and his skin by making this aftershave splash yourself, then you know exactly whats in it.  Splashing this mix onto the skin after a shave gives the combined healing and antiseptic powers of witch hazel and rosewater as well as returning the skin to a neutral pH after using alkaline soap.

DIY Aftershave Splash

40mls rosewater

40mls witchhazel

8 drops bergamot essential oil

4 drops rosemary essential oil

1 tsp glycerine (add this for older men or those with dry skin as it adds extra moisturising, for oily skin, leave it out)

Mix together in a glass bottle.

How to use it

After shaving, rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry

Pour out about a ten cent sized amount of after shave splash into the palm of your hand

Rub both hands together to ensure an even coating and gently rub/pat onto the surface of your skin


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