After Bath Baby Moisturisers

Many parents like to pat on baby powder or rub some nappy rash-preventing ointment into their baby after a bath, but a simple massage all over with almond, olive or jojoba oil mixed with hemp seed oil will provide a complete protective moisture repellent.

Baby powders are not the best as it’s easy for babies to inhale the fine particles. If you do choose to use a talcum powder check the ingredients and look for ‘pure cornstarch’ and don’t use anything that contains ‘fragrance’.

Alternatively you can try making one of these after bath moisturisers that Wendyl shared some time ago.

Aloe Vera Moisturiser

You can mix up a really effective moisturiser for nappy changes by combining a quarter of a cup of aloe vera gel (you can buy this at health stores if your own plant isn’t big enough to give you that amount) and one teaspoon of glycerine (you can buy this at the chemist and some health shops and supermarkets). Put in a jar and shake. You need to use just a tiny bit as it goes a very long way.

Baby Lotion

Just massage in some olive or almond oil and your baby’s skin will be left nice and soft, or try this lotion which is quite easy to make:

10 g beeswax
70 ml olive oil
40 g coconut oil (if solid, if liquid 45ml)
120 ml water
1 Tbs glycerine

Put the beeswax into the oils and heat gently over a double boiler, or put a bowl on the top of a saucepan which has water simmering in it. When the beeswax and coconut oil (if it was solid) has melted, remove from the heat.  Gradually pour in the water and glycerine and blend with a whisk or an electric mixer. This will last for about two months.

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      Hi Leandra, my advice for eczema is to get rid of anything with fragrance or chemicals in it. So out with commercial laundry powders, fabric softeners, baby lotions, soaps etc. Anything which smells nice should be avoided. Instead us olive oil in the bath and on the skin as a cleanser and moisturiser – buy cold pressed as it doesn’t use chemicals in the extraction. And keep baby away from your perfumes etc or any that might be in the air at home – fly sprays things like that. Hope that helps. You could also visit a naturopath who will have some advice on diet.

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      You can find the coconut oil on this site under shop and then ingredients. Beeswax I buy from my local health food shop – most health shops should have it or local markets.

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