Green Goddess mould magic mould inhibitor in three sizes

Mould Magic

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Sick of mould and mildew in your house? Don’t let it rule your life. Mould Magic will keep those mould and mildew spores at bay using the super strength anti-fungal powers of lemon, lavender and tea-tree essential oils. For best results, clean away any existing mould by spraying Mould Magic onto the area and cleaning well with a cloth, once …

curtain mould with Green Goddess Oxy Bleach and a lemon

How To Remove Curtain Mould

It’s always best to try to prevent mould from appearing using our amazing Mould Magic and constantly circulating the house with fresh air. Opening windows regularly and ensuring nothing is pushing your curtains against the windows and condensation are good habits to have however, sometimes even with the best preventative measures those little black marks start to appear. Ideally you …

image of curtains partially open, sunlight, chest of drawers and lamp

Get Rid Of Mould And Mildew

Many people struggle with mould and mildew at this time of the year, airing your house as often as possible is crucial to help prevent it. Open the doors and windows whenever you can and make sure all curtains are open during the day. Even with airing, if your house is older, mould and mildew can still form on walls, …