pile of oxygen bleach on wooden board

Ten Great Uses For Premium Oxygen Bleach

pile of oxygen bleach on wooden board

Amazing Oxy-bleach – there are so many uses for this fantastic natural whitening and bleaching agent. I don’t know where I would be without it.

As you know it’s the main ingredient in our Natural-San Oxygen Soaker. But there are so many other uses. 

Here are ten of our favourites.

1. Sprinkle in dirty sinks or basins, mix to a paste with water and leave too soak to get rid of stains.

2. Sprinkle in your toilet, scrub with your toilet brush and leave to soak as long as you can to get rid of nasty stains in your toilet bowl.

3. Mix ⅓ cup with ⅔ cup soda ash to make a powdered laundry soaker for colours or whites.

4. Mix 4 tbsp with 9 litres or water for strong white soaker.

5. Mix 1 tbsp with water to make a paste. Rub on stain and leave for fifteen minutes before washing.

6. Add 1/4 cup to white wash for extra cleaning power.

7. Mix to a paste and scrub away mould from grouting around tiles.

8. Mix to a paste and apply to stains on white cupboards or porcelain (this method even removed pink hair dye left in our bathroom)

9. Use 1 cup dissolved in 4 litres of warm water to clean wooden decks and furniture.

10. Mix 1/4 cup in a spray bottle with warm water and shake to dissolve, spray onto shower doors to remove build up, wipe off and follow up with water and a squeegee.  A warning, my shower door is glass, so I’m not sure what this would do on plastic, so try a corner first.


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  1. Hi Triona,
    Do you have any suggestions for removing essential all residue off a bath?It’s set very hard and orange coloured spots on our bath. And I can’t scrub it off. TIA

  2. Hi, would it be possible to clean a toilet brush with oxy bleach? Any other methods you know of? We have a “septic” worm tank so we have to be nice to our worms 🙂

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