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7 Hair Rinses You Can Do At Home

It’s so easy to help your hair to shine without using nasty chemicals.

Try these easy rinses next time you shampoo your hair.

Catnip: For a quick dandruff cure, brew a strong tea of dried catnip leaves and boiling water and massage into your scalp after shampooing. Rinse well with cool water.

Calendula petals: To brighten blonde hair, pour 1 cup boiling water over 1⁄4 cup of calendula petals; let cool. Use as a final rinse post-shampoo.

Lemon juice: The juice of 1 lemon and 1 cup water mixed together brings back life and shine to dull hair. Use as a final rinse after shampooing, following with a cold-water rinse to remove all of the lemon water.

Baking soda: 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 cup water mixed together gets your hair really clean and removes all traces of styling gels and hair spray. Massage well into hair and scalp and rinse with warm followed by cool water.

Apple cider vinegar: 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 cup of water gives your hair shine and bounce. Use as a final rinse after shampooing and then rinse well with cool water.

Flat beer: 1 cup of flat beet will give your hair body. The beer scent will not remain once your hair is dry. For extra body, use beer as your final rinse (do not rinse out).

Tomato juice: 1 cup of tomato juice will remove any odour, such as smoke, from your hair. Massage into hair and rinse with warm, then cool water.

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  1. I often use rosemary as a final rinse. I bruise a few sprigs before steeping them in a glass jug of boiled water and allow it to cool before removing the herb. My hair is softer and has more shine.

  2. My daughter is looking for a recipe or ready made product without any nasties to use as a hair conditioner. She has very fine hair and is no longer using a detangler product so is desperate to find something else to use in her hair. Can you help please?

    1. Epsom salt and vinegar is more softening than vinegar alone, use 1 tsp epsom and 1 Tbsp vinegar per 500-1000 ml. If your daughter has really dry hair, even just the ends, then she can experiment with oil pre-treatments: olive oil and camellia are two that are recommended for fine hair, leave on for 30 minutes, and then wash out with shampoo bar or other natural shampoo product. Use vinegar rinse as normal. People with porous hair have good results with applying coconut cream or coconut milk as a conditioning rinse mixed with water, you may need to experiment with various dilutions to avoid too-oily, lank hair. Another suggestion I haven’t yet tried is using honey diluted in water – rinse well, as honey is said to have natural gentle bleaching properties. Good luck! (from the mother of a girl with fine hair)

    1. Hi Justine, we don’t really advise on health matters, we share blogs and information, for the best advice a natural health practitioner would be your best bet. Or go and see someone like Gregor from Bushlore Herbal, he’s helped a lot of people with varying issues.

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