Shielded Site Info

Women’s Refuge has recently launched the Shielded Site Project, making it easier for victims of abuse to ask for help. This fantastic initiative allows people to click on the icon (shown above) on a businesses website which takes them to a secret portal which isn’t recorded on internet browser history.

This icon is now live on our homepage.
Other partner websites include The Warehouse, ASB, TradeMe, Countdown, and more.

“If you need help but are worried about repercussions from a controlling or abusive partner you can now access the Womens Refuge through a shielded portal and find out how to make a plan to safely get out of a dangerous situation, learn how to stay safe online and get answers to questions about what comes next – all without fear of it showing up in your browser history for anyone else to find.”

Another excellent safety tip is to familiarise yourself with your smart phone’s SOS message features, as detailed in this article by Stuff.


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