clean white kitchen with spray cleaner and cloths displayed

14 Nontoxic Natural Cleaning Hacks

clean white kitchen with spray cleaner and cloths displayed

More and more people are gaining awareness and switching to sustainable lifestyles. Eco-friendly DIY cleaners with all-natural ingredients are not only non-toxic to your health but also the overall environment. So what are you waiting for? Grab your scrubbers and enjoy your eco-friendly spring cleaning!

Melissa Calvert has fourteen ways you can go green at home.


Marble stains

Use cornstarch mixed with water to draw those resistant yellow stains off your French marble kitchen. Make it look as good as new!

Cutlery stains

Mix a little coconut oil with double strength white vinegar to polish your silverware. Not only will your cutlery last longer, but the stainless steel will impress your guests with its shine.

Stove cleaning

Who knew basil is not only great for your inner health but for your kitchen too? Basil’s natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties are excellent for stove cleaning. Just add a few drops of basil seed oil to water or directly on the surface for grit and stain removal.

pile of colourful laundry on white background


Yellowed clothing

Want that yellowy hue to disappear from your favourite white clothes? Just rub some lemon directly on or soak the shirt in lemon juice mixed with water, then dry it off in the sun.

Smelly towels and fabric

Soak offending items in double strength white vinegar and water overnight then wash as usual. White vinegar also works great with old leather like that of film jackets. Mix together three parts linseed oil and one part vinegar and apply with a soft cloth. This technique helps to keep them odourless and mould-free.

Grey sheets

Don’t throw away greyish or yellow tinged sheets. To refresh them soak in Natural-San, then wash in your machine and add bluing powder to the final rinse. Dry in full sun to activate the particles.

hands wearing blue gloves cleaning shower door


Caulk and grout problem

Caulk and grout are not that big of a deal unless it makes your bathtub look like it was borrowed from a dump. Baking soda is your friend here. Make a thick paste by mixing with water and use a dense brush to scrub the grout clean.

Dirty bathroom surface

Add a teaspoon of castile soap and a few drops of tea tree essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and voila! – you have your magic solution ready to clean bathroom surfaces. For tough to move grime clean with Rose Cleaning Paste.

Clogged toilets

Is there something stopping you from flushing your aftermath? Well, fret not human! Just use plain dishwashing soap. Pour a small amount of liquid into the bowl and leave it for an hour or so. I can guarantee that by the next use, it’ll all go down the drain in no time, literally!


DIY decorations

How to decorate your living room in a tight budget?  Just DIY it! Do it yourself decorations can be environmentally-friendly, and bring out your creative side too.

Wood cleaner

Use lemon and salt to clean your wooden cutting boards. Hemp Seed Oil is a great conditioner for wood, put a little on a cloth and rub in.

Carpet powder

You don’t need to buy those crazy carpet cleaners anymore, the toxins in carpet cleaners are definitely not eco friendly. Instead, you can squeeze a little lemon with lavender essential oil and baking soda and make your own carpet powder. The mix will clean your carpet as well as leave a mild, sweet smell too. Always do a test spot first.

Around The Home


Use a cedar block to repel moths in your closet. Add a drop of cedar essential oil to the cedar block when the scent fades.

Dust and pet hair

Use a brush made from eco-friendly materials. A brush made with reusable rubber, and cruelty-free strands will be excellent to pick up dust and pet hair from your couches and carpets.

Concluding Thoughts

Acquiring an eco-friendly lifestyle is a great way to start making your move for the environmental cause. If you truly love nature and want to give a healthy, nontoxic future to your children, then think green, clean green!

This article is written by Melissa Calvert who is a Social Science Analyst and Academic Counselor at Crowd Writer. Melissa spends most of her time counselling students for career choices. She also loves to write and recommends using an essay writing service if you’re short on time and need an essay.

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