14 Household Uses For Soda Ash

Soda ash is baking soda’s older, gruntier brother. It’s a powerful natural cleaner but unlike its counterpart, it cannot be eaten. Soda ash, other wise known as sodium carbonate, is fine with a powdery consistency where as washing soda (often called soda ash) is gritty and harder to work with.

We only use Wendyl’s Green Goddess Premium Soda Ash in our natural cleaning and laundry products with it’s high alkalinity (PH of 11) it’s brilliant for removing grease, grime and stains.

There are many uses for soda ash around the home, here’s our top fourteen.

14 Household Uses For Soda Ash

Perfect for making our natural laundry powder. See recipe here.

Stop mildew and blackspot in its tracks by spraying roses with a solution made from 1/4 cup soda ash, 1 cup of milk and 3 litres of water.

Clean dish cloths and dirty tea towels in a strong solution of soda ash and hot water to remove dirt and grease.

Sprinkle on slimy paths and driveways, dampen, then leave for at least 12 hours, brush off.

Revive your silverware by soaking in 1/2 cup soda ash to 3 litres hot water in a bowl lined with aluminium foil. Leave for about 15 minutes or until the tarnish is lifted. Give the items a good rinse and buff until shiny.

Clean your oven by sprinkling on the base, dampen with water and leave overnight. Scoop up in the morning.

Scrub chopping boards to get rid of lingering smells without tainting food. Rinse thoroughly.

Clean your toilet by sprinkling 2 tbsp in the bowl, leave 10 minutes then clean with brush.

Get rid of whitefly and mites in your garden by spraying plants with 1/2 cup soda ash to 6 litres of water.

Soak dirty clothes in a bucket with ½ cup of soda ash as a pre-wash soak.

Dilute ½ cup in 1 litre of warm water and spray on lichen to kill it.

Use soda ash on your drains every couple of weeks to keep them clear, pour 1/4 cup down the drain and flush with water. For drains that are already clogged, pour down a cup of soda ash followed by three cups of boiling water, repeat this twice.

Clean your rubbish bin with a strong solution, will help to remove dirt and grime.

Remove stains on concrete by sprinkling on and adding water until you have a paste, leave overnight then scrub with a brush and hose off.


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  1. Hi, if I use soda ash on my concrete footpath that runs through my lawn, will my lawn still be ok? Or will it damage the grass? Thanks. Everything is green this spring!

    1. Hi Ngaire, if you hose it when it goes onto the grass to dilute it the grass should be ok, be careful though, soda ash when mixed with dish wash liquid will stick to plants and kill them. Try a little patch first to see.

  2. I am just new to making all natural cleaning products but what’s the difference between soda ash light and dense?? And washing soda just been to Bin and and got a bit confused ? wanting to make laundry and dishwashing detergent.

    1. Hi Sarah, we sell soda ash that is premium grade and very light, it’s what we use to make our products and that’s what we recommend in all our recipes. Washing Soda is quite coarse as is dense soda (most likely man made also) ours is mined and not man made.
      Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Hi there, is Soda Ash pet friendly? We have doves that walk over the concrete patios which I would like to clean. Will I have to keep them off until it is dry? Thanks, Sue

    1. Hi John, soda ash is very alkaline so would depend what you are doing with it in your garden. Epsom Salt is a better options, especially for fruit trees.

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