10 Ways to Make Your Life More Environmentally-Friendly

This week lifestyle blogger Stella Green Thompson shares ten steps you can take to make your life more eco-friendly.

Today, it has become more than essential to at least try and lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. There are hundreds of little things you can change in your life in order for it to be more sustainable. However, doing it all is not always possible. But, there are small things we can change and improve when it comes to our habits, and thus contribute to making our planet a better place.

So, let’s see what you can change starting tomorrow.

Make Your Tech Green

It is a fact that we use a lot of electronic devices and gadgets, and our days rely on technology. Even though if you think you can’t live without some of the appliances and devices, you can at least consider making them eco-friendly. Do a little research and replace your appliances with more energy-efficient and sustainable ones. These are using much less energy, which reduces your bills and it reduces your energy output.

Turn it off

Even though you might be using energy-efficient tech, you can go one step further by turning them off when you’re not using them. Even if your computer, TV or any other device is on stand by, it is using a fair amount of energy. So, make sure to turn them off when not in use, and you can even unplug them.

Don’t Waste Food

People make huge amounts of waste every day, but a lot of it is food. Not only are you wasting your food and money, but this adds to the amount of CO2 created in the landfills. So, make sure to prepare less food, or make use of the leftovers. Not only will you contribute to the environment and your wallet, but you might even get your diet in order and feel better about yourself.

Eat Like a Queen

Even though you should cut down your food waste, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat like a queen. For example, make sure to buy local fruits and veggies instead of those from big supermarkets. These are probably cheaper, you’re supporting the local farmers, these are more organic and you’re reducing the carbon footprint of import.

Additionally, you can eat less meat, and make a huge impact on the environment. This also reduces carbon footprint, it might save an animal’s life and your body is cleaner.

Rely Less on Your Car

We all use our cars more than we should. There are places where you can on foot or by bike or even public transport. So, if your workplace is not that far, or your gym, supermarket or any other place, instead of driving, simply walk there or ride a bike.

However, if those places are far you can invest in a more eco-friendly option, such as an electric car. They are safe, they don’t use fuel which lessens your carbon footprint and you can charge them on solar power. If this sounds like a great idea to you, you can easily find out more about them on sites that specialise in such topics, such as Drivr Zone for example.


A great part of being eco-friendly is recycling. You probably are recycling some things in your house, but you can up your game. Keep in mind that almost everything is recyclable – paper, plastic objects, batteries, clothes and even your car. Before throwing something away, take a minute and find out if there is a local place that can recycle that for you.

Shine Bright with LED Lights

If you haven’t’ already done this, now it’s time to switch to LED light bulbs. Not only do these last longer than conventional bulbs, but they are much more efficient as well. This means that you will spend less money on buying new bulbs and that you’re going to be using less power! Plus, they are available in a range of designs and brightness levels, so you can pick your favorites.

Fixing before Throwing

We do throw a lot of things, so before throwing something away, think about fixing it. If your phone or any other electronic device is broken, see if you can fix it. The same goes for your appliances, clothes, furniture and what not. By fixing things in your home, you are reducing waste and you’re saving money on shopping.

Clean Green

Stop relying on chemicals which are harmful to you and the environment and turn to green cleaning. Use more organic and natural methods, such as combinations of water, baking soda and vinegar to clean your home, and benefit both your health and our planet.

Plant some Trees

Last but not least, you should consider planting a few trees throughout your lifetime. We need to invest in ecological sustainability and this is a perfect way to start. Dozens of trees are cut down daily, so do a little research and see where you can plant a tree or two. At least start with your backyard and provide some shade to your yard, improve the air quality and support the wildlife.

It’s really not that hard to make a little effort and improve our environment through our daily habits. Do some research, see how much you’re wasting and try to preserve this little healthy environment we have.



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  1. LED lights are great for saving electricity but not so hot for your health. Their frequency can mess with our bodies. There’s a lot of information on line about the health effects.

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  2. Don’t Fear the LED
    While concerns about LED streetlights are somewhat valid, you don’t need to worry about them turning you into a sleep-deprived zombie. (That’s what your smartphone is for.) With proper attention to a light’s spectral power distribution and brightness controls, engineers have the knowledge and tools to design lighting that’s safe, effective, and energy efficient. Score another point for science!

    Here is the end of an article from https://www.engineering.com/ElectronicsDesign/ElectronicsDesignArticles/ArticleID/14607/Are-LED-Lights-Bad-for-Your-Health.aspx showing that LED lights are, in fact, safe. So don’t be scared to change to LED and help our environment.

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