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10 Healthy Habits That Will Raise Your Life To A Whole New Level

UK based journalist Kurt Walker has written us an article focusing on how we can incorporate 10 healthy habits that will “raise our lives to a whole new level”.  Making the commitment to just one of these changes long-term could have a profound impact on your mind and body.

In this time and day, there’s a lot more to healthy living than just taking your daily vitamin C boost. The stress of living in big, busy cities often affects our bodies and minds negatively, and no matter how careful we are when it comes to our well being, we rarely have the time or the opportunities to take care of ourselves properly.

Challenge yourself to one new habit a week and by the time you start 2020 you’ll feel like a new person! 

In this time and day, there’s a lot more to healthy living than just taking your daily vitamin C boost. The stress of living in big, busy cities often affects our bodies and minds negatively, and no matter how careful we are when it comes to our wellbeing, we rarely have the time or the opportunities to take care of ourselves properly.

Your physical and mental health, however, have no alternative. Even the slightest efforts to learn and apply healthy living habits can have major positive consequences on your life. If you don’t have the option to change your life entirely and you need advice on how to take care of yourself in easy, yet effective ways, here are the best 10 tips you will find anywhere.

Walk whenever you can

As science has repeatedly taught us, human beings are not designed to be sitting all the time. Still, that happens to be the position we’re most commonly in, and our bodies are left with taking the toll. Walk whenever you have a chance. This isn’t just a matter of physical appearance, but also overall vitality and mental health.

Don’t eat until you feel full

The expert  from Assignment Geek Melissa Crown studied the eating habits in grown-ups, and this is her conclusion, also backed up by other scientific researches: Try to never eat until you’re full, but instead stop a bit earlier. The benefits of this habit are, again, not only physical, but also psychological.

Start going to bed earlier

We’re getting used to going to bed later and later, but it’s far from a healthy habit to have. Although there’s nothing wrong with staying up late and sleeping in from time to time, this shouldn’t become a regular way of life. There are many benefits of rescheduling your sleeping habits, and you should do your best to make an effort to try.

Reduce attachment to technology

There is so much to learn and see online these days, that we rarely notice how much time and attention our phones, tablets, and computers take away from our lives. Digital detox is a real thing, and you should practice it every now and then to stay connected to the real world that surrounds you. 

Enjoy hard-to-achieve goals

This one might sound strange, but just as you rejoice your successes, you should learn to rejoice and benefit from hard-to-achieve goals, and even failures. Getting everything you want whenever you want it has never been a reality for anyone, and for a good reason. Putting in an effort, learning from your mistakes, and looking forward to seeing the results can feel really beautiful, only if you allow it.

Treat your relationships responsibly

As we grow older, we learn to appreciate the people who care about us and always have our back, but we rarely take the time to let them know how much they mean to us. Don’t make this mistake in your life. Cut the ties with toxic individuals who hold you back and take the time to show appreciation to the ones who you can trust, and who trust you back.

Write a personal journal

Tap into the pool of your inner creativity and mindfulness and help your personal and professional growth by starting to write a diary. A professional writer service contributor Ellena Maverick testifies that writing in your journal once every few days will help improve your memory, you`re written and spoken correspondence, and problem-solving skills. 

Be nice just for the sake of it

We all know how to harness the perks of the “tit for tat” approach, but when was the last time you did something nice for somebody else for no reason at all? Such random acts of kindness will not only help the other person, but will also have a beautiful impact on your own life, too.

Step out of your comfort zone

Are you a person who likes to feel safe and in control of everything in their professional and personal life? It’s time to do something entirely out of the box. Stepping out of your comfort zone is important for growth and mental state, so don’t be afraid to do something a little bit “crazy” from time to time.

Learn to love yourself

Learn to appreciate your body, your thoughts, your values, and your boundaries. You’re unique and worthy, and in order to project stability and confidence, you must find them within first. Remember that nobody can really love us until we have learned to love ourselves. Your one-of-a-kind perspective can enrich the world, so never doubt if you should proudly share it.


For thousands and thousands of years, humans have tried to crack the biggest mystery of them all: What is the purpose of life? This question initiated the creation of so many philosophical discourses, religions, attitudes, and views, that it’s almost impossible to count them all.

`What time and experience have thought us, however, is that each life is unique. Everyone needs to find their own purpose, and we all have different perspectives, wishes, and dreams. Living life to the fullest may as well be the purpose of life we are so desperate to find` – says Jessica Turner, the psychologist at HR software.

Take care of your body and mind, cherish meaningful relationships, and be happy for not always getting what you want. It’s all about the journey, not a destination.

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Kurt Walker is a professional content and essay writer and journalist interested in topics that include inspiration, productivity, education, and new technologies. Kurt works as an editor and a copywriter providing professional assignment help and thesis help at Brill Assignment and Best Essays. For the last 3 years, he’s been living in London, working as a remote contributor for custom essay writing service.


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