We Are Rebranding!

Bringing back a little of the old, in a new way

The original Green Goddess brand really is a favourite of Grants and mine.
So much so that we are moving to Green Goddess as our web, newsletter and product brand name.

Green Goddess is fresh and self explanatory with regards to our products, and also ties in well with our views on nature, sustainability, and allows us to better connect and inform people on all things natural.  The Green Goddess hemp based Vegan range will continue as is with it’s own distinct labelling coexisting under the one brand.

Our first two products to display the Green Goddess name are on sale this week, Premium Baking Soda and Peppermint Cleaning Paste. We are keeping the colours, fonts and pictures the same so the products are still very easily recognisable.  It will take a while for us to change all the product stickers over, as we don’t like wasting stuff!



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