Sloppy Joe Wrap Ups


This is my version of a Sloppy Joe; an American dish that’s traditionally made in hamburger buns. This lighter vegetarian version is a little less sloppy, has half the carbs of the original version, and is a quick, easy, filling lunch in the weekend when you’ve got lots of hungry mouths to feed.

The recipe uses the vegetarian mince from last weeks newsletter, and instead of using Mexican spices, it has more of a Mediterranean flavour. The cheese and sour cream also make this very appealing to kids, although it’s a good idea to eat them out in the garden or over a plate as they can be a bit messy – but that’s part of the fun.

Sloppy Joe Wrap Ups

2 Tbl Tomato paste

1/2 Cup ready made pasta sauce (I used

1 Tbl Worcestershire sauce

2 Tsp Dried oregano

2 Tbl Olive Oil

1/4 Cup Diced onion

1/2 Cup Cooked rice (I used brown)

1 Cup Vegetarian mince, recipe is here

1/2 Cup Sour cream

1/2 Cup grated cheese

1/2 Yellow pepper sliced thinly

Four medium sized tortillas

Salt and pepper to taste

Combine the tomato paste, pasta sauce and Worcestershire sauce and set aside.  In a pan cook the onion and oregano in the olive oil then add the vegetarian mince, rice and the sauce that you’ve set aside and heat through stirring carefully, season with salt and pepper.

Slightly heat your tortillas so they are flexible but not hot, sprinkle the cheese over each tortilla, then add the mince in  at thin layer leaving room to wrap up the tortilla, next layer a row of capsicum and spoon over some sour cream.

Wrap up each wrap closing in both ends, place them in a clean pan and heat turning so that the outside is slightly toasted. We like to eat them cut in half but you can cut the end off and eat that way instead, wrapped in a paper towel works well.

For a spicy version add 1 Tsp of cajun powder to the sauce mixture.


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