Romance Pillow Spray

We had a great response from the Bergamot & Lavender Spray recipe that we shared last week with many people emailing in to ask for a spray that can be used on linen. There’s a wonderful recipe for Romance Pillow Spray in the book Recipes For A Cleaner Life that combines three oils known for their romance enhancing capabilities.

This particular blend of three oils is well known for encouraging romance; Jasmine is both soothing and uplifting, its warm, exotic, floral scent can help boost your confidence and comfort your mind and emotions.  It also helps balance the feminine energy of the body.

Ylang Ylang oil is also a confidence booster, and it can help relieve tension and enhance the libido too, this rich floral scent has masculine undertones that’s sweet and delicate at the same time, a little goes a long way.  Bergamot oil is citrusy, elegant and spicy, it’s known to be mood-lifting and calming, it can help relieve anxiety and reduce headache pain.

Romance Pillow Spray

80ml water

20ml rosewater

1tsp vodka

2 drops ylang ylang essential oil

2 drops jasmine aromatic oil or 1 drop *pure jasmine essential oil

1 drop bergamot essential oil

Add all the ingredients together in a glass jug and whisk together with a kitchen whisk. The vodka is to help the oils disperse in the liquid. Pour into a spray bottle and mist pillow cases, linen and lingerie too.

*Pure jasmine essential oil is very expensive, however a little goes a long way, we don’t sell the pure version but you can find it online for around $70.00 for 5ml


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