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With Johnson and Johnson announcing they will be stopping selling plastic cotton buds to half the world (it would be a lot better if it was ALL the world, but I guess half is better than not at all), it got me thinking about the cotton that goes into cotton buds, ball and pads. My research brought up another big, but not often discussed, environmental issue; the use of cotton in our disposable personal care products.

The entire non-organic cotton industry is globally responsible for almost one-quarter of all the world’s insecticide use and 10% pesticide use. These stats are shocking. About a year ago I started using crocheted organic cotton pads. They’re reusable, don’t contain any toxic chemicals, and are kind on skin and the planet. I didn’t actually make mine as they were a gift, but you can, follow this link for the pattern.

Other alternatives to cotton balls and pads are …

Muslin cloths, they’re washable and you can buy them at most baby stores or online, although quite a lot more expensive than making your own cotton pads and not nearly as cute.

Konjac Sponge, made from the root of the Konjac plant, this natural vegetable fiber sponge is ideal for cleansing and feels amazing on your skin, you have to soak it to soften which takes about 3 mins, they’re also reusable and hand washable and come with a little string attached so you can hang it up to dry. Available at organic and natural health stores for around $7.00 each.

All options above are best used with Promise Hemp Cleanser with Frankincense, it smells beautiful and is silky smooth on your skin, easily removes eye make up, mascara, foundation and cleanses pores.



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  1. I have a young friend who is having difficulty with monthly sanitary products. She has developed serious allergies to all the commercial tampons, and sanitary pads, and asked me whether I knew of a source for coloured cotton that she could make her own sanitary pads. Any suggestions or experiences?

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