Removing Odours From Containers

Today we hear a lot about waste-free living and the importance of reusing, recycling and up-cycling. These tips from Wendyl Nissen’s book “Recipes For A Cleaner Life” come in very handy when your containers have taken on lingering smells that won’t budge.

Collecting old jars and recycling them as storage containers for food, or for using to store home-made preserves is a great idea and most op shops will have a box or two going very cheaply. But every so often there is a jar which will not let go of its smell no matter how often you wash it. Try one of these tips for removing odours from old containers.

Fill with warm water and 1 tsp Wendyl’s Premium Baking Soda

Fill with warm water and 1 tsp salt

Use cold water with 1 tbsp mustard and rub around inside of container. Or put 1 tsp of mustard powder in the jar and fill with hot water. Give it a good shake and then pour out and wash with soap and water.

Use coffee grounds and rub the inside of the container

For plastic containers a good idea is to put them in the freezer overnight to get rid of unwanted smells


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