How To Remove Ink Stains

I’ve had a few emails lately asking for tips on how to remove ink stains. There are several things you can do to remove accidental ink staining. If none of these options work for you, and the fabric with the stain is white you can make Javelle Water which is a super spot and stain remover, I’ve shared the recipe before, if you missed it follow this link.

As with all stains the key to removing them is to act fast, the longer you leave the stain the harder it will be to treat it.

For fresh ink stains 

Get some blotting paper, newsprint (without the ink on it, we send this out with all our orders as wrapping) or a paper kitchen towel and soak up as much as you can. Then sponge the spot with milk, allowing the milk to stand for several minutes. Or you can try filling a saucer with milk and sitting the stain in it for a while. Wash out with hot water and leave to dry.

For old ink stains   

Try sprinkling some citric acid over the stain. Moisten it with a little warm water on the end of an old clean toothbrush and rub the spot gently. you may need to repeat this until it disappears, then rinse with clean warm water.

For hard to move stains 

Soak the stain in vodka until it starts to lift. Then rub with some sunlight soap and gently wash.

For the adventurous among us 

Tomatoes are a great stain remover. For ink stains, scoop out the juice from a tomato, spread on the stain and leave overnight. Wash as normal the next day.


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