Rejuvenating Turmeric Face Mask

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about the health benefits of Turmeric, Aryravedic medicine has been using this super food in health and beauty applications for thousands of years due to it’s remarkable healing capabilities. Turmeric is  packed full of the antioxidant curcumin, which when topically applied, soothes irritated skin, helps to keep it plump and maintains elasticity.

I’ve been wanting to try this mask for about a year but hadn’t set aside the time required for hiding in case I was stained yellow!  Recipes I researched for this mask said the bright yellow comes off no problem, but you just never know until you try, which I did, and am really impressed with the results, my skin was brighter, my pores were less visible, some of the fine lines had diminished, the dryness had gone, and I didn’t look like I had jaundice.

This recipe also contains raw manuka honey and natural yogurt which help to break down dead skin cells so they are easily removed and they both contain a mild alpha-hydroxy acid that brightens and evens out skin tone whilst moisturising and neutralising free radicals. In India brides often apply a full body turmeric mask the night before they are married so that they radiate on the day from head to toe.

I found this mask really easy to make and apply, and it came off after a couple of washes with a warm flannel, however I can’t say the same for my white shorts, a few drops fell down and that stain was not very easy to get rid off, so do be careful what you wear.

Here’s how to make it …

1 tsp Organic turmeric powder (not the one from the supermarket)
1 tsp Earthbound raw manuka honey
1 tsp Full fat natural yogurt

Put on some old clothes and combine the ingredients in a bowl, use an old make up brush or recycled plastic spoon to apply evenly all over your face, neck and decolletage, leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and use a dark flannel (that you don’t mind having turmeric in for ever) to wipe away any excess, if you can still see a bit of a yellow tinge apply hemp seed, coconut or olive oil to your face and use the flannel again to remove.

You can use this mask every couple of days if need be … enjoy your vibrant youthful skin!


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