Try This To Refresh Flat Pile

Has your furniture been in the same place for a long time and now that you’ve moved it there are noticeable indentations in the carpet pile? Try one of these nifty tricks to lift out the mark and get some bounce back.

Place an ice cube on each indentation. Leave it to melt overnight then mop up any remaining wetness. Next fluff the indentation with a fork. If you can still see it repeat the process until it disappears.

Get a small damp towel and place over the flattened area. It should be damp and not soaking wet so wring it out if necessary. Get your iron and turn to medium, iron carefully over the spot where the indentation is, be very careful not to touch the iron onto the carpet and burn it. Fluff the carpet with a fork to lift the pile up.

 Fill a spray bottle with luke warm water and spritz the dent until it’s throughly wet. Get your har dryer and turn to high, blow dry the area until it begins to dry, with your other hand lift the pile with a fork and keep blow drying until the pile has lifted.


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