Recipe of the week – Rub-on Deodorant


We’ve been getting a lot of emails from people asking for the updated recipe for our popular deodorants. As many of you probably remember, we added a bit of beeswax to the recipe to give it a better consistency in both hot and cold weather. If you want a vegan version you can subtiture the beeswax for soy wax but make sure use certified 100% pure soy wax, that is biodegradable, non-petroleum from a renewable resource.

We’ve worked out the quantities of the ingredients needed for making small amounts, so here’s the recipe:

Wendyl’s Rub-on Deodorant

30g coconut oil

20g baking soda

25g tapioca starch

4g beeswax or soy wax

1o drops essential oil of your choice

  • Add wax and oil to bowl and melt
  • Add essential oils
  • Add tapioca starch and baking soda
  • mix together until you have a smooth consistency


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