How To Pick The Perfect Sheet

There’s nothing like the feel of good quality linen that has been cleaned well, hung in the sun and then put on the bed, however if that linen doesn’t fit correctly none of the afore mentioned will make it feel all that great. Trying to find perfect fitting linen can be a bothersome task, we bought a second hand bed not that long ago that was supposed to be a double, however it’s more like a cross between a double and a queen meaning that most linen won’t fit it.

This article from Macey Store covers everything you need to know about selecting the correct linen for your bed, I’ve found the chart very helpful and wish I’d had it sooner. They also have a gorgeous selection of linen if you feel like spoiling yourself.

“A well-made bed is one of the most eye-catching placements in any bedroom – and a perfectly-fitted bed sheet is important in achieving this effect.

When tailored correctly, bed sheets create a smooth, flat surface that is not only attractive but offers various benefits as well. On the contrary, if your bed sheets are poorly fitted, it creates an unlikely impression that also impacts the entire look of a bedroom. If the fabric is drooping at the sides, there is obviously something wrong with the size of your bed sheet and you’d probably ask, why is it that a bed of specific dimensions instantly don’t fit in a sheet that’s specifically made for it?

Whether your mattress calls for a new bed sheet or simply wants to stock up on a few extras, understanding the relationship between mattresses and bed sheets is important before you make that purchase. But first, we’ll give you further insight about this bedroom essential.

Buying Guide: Finding the Right Bed Sheet Sizes

Bed Sheets

A bed sheet is a piece of fabric made to cover the mattress. It is divided into two main varieties: A flat sheet that is literally a rectangular piece of cloth, and a fitted sheet that usually has elastics on its four corners to fit the contours of the mattress. Bed sheets can also refer to the top sheets which can be a blanket, quilt or duvet. But, in this article we’ll use the term as the one employed as the bottom sheets.

Bed Sheet Sizes

Generally, there is a standard size guide devised to ensure that the bed sheets you are purchasing is the right size for your bed.

Bed Sheet Size Chart

Bed Size Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet
Single 91cm x 190cm x 40cm 180cm x 254cm
King Single 107cm x 203cm x 33cm 180cm x 270cm
Double 137cm x 203cm x 40-50cm 239cm x 254cm
Queen 152cm x 203cm x 40-50cm 245cm x 270cm
King 180cm x 203cm x 40-50cm 285cm x 260cm
Super King 203cm x 203cm x 50cm 300cm x 330cm

The Increasing Size of Bed Sheets

Over the years, bed sheet sizes have all seen dramatic increases in size. The main reason for this is rooted to the increasing thickness of mattresses, and the bed sheet industry keeping up with this demand.

The standard mattress used to measure approximately 10”. But today, you can easily find one that measures anywhere from 7” to as deep as 24”. If you own one of these mattresses, you may have probably found the standard bed sheet size chart as helpful as you’d think since not all manufacturers are offering exactly the same sizes in bed sheets.

Measuring Your Mattress

Measuring your mattress is key when determining the size of your bed sheets. Since mattresses are now manufactured in varying lengths and depths, it’s important to measure your mattress height to ensure correct fit.

How to Measure Your Mattress:

Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the mattress from the bottom to top of the edge. If you’re using a memory pad or anything that will be encased along with the mattress, you should include it in the total measurement of the height.

NOTE: To make sure that you get the correct depth, don’t press down the mattress when measuring.

When shopping for bed sheets, you can let some allowance to the size of your flat sheets, but it’s a different case with fitted sheets. Since the latter needs to fit the mattress, it leaves you less room for variation.

Simply put, if you own one of the unusual mattress sizes, you can go for flat sheets that are sized larger than that. However, fitted sheets can be more challenging, since they should match the mattress dimensions. You may need to have your fitted sheets tailor-made to achieve that desirable crisp, flat surface.

The Advantages of Using Fitted Sheets

Apart from creating a smooth finish almost all the time, there are various advantages in using fitted sheets.

For Protection: A covering helps maintain the shape of the mattress. It also protects the mattress from stains caused by night sweats, body oils and hair dyes that can damage the surface of your foam.

For Comfort: Likewise, a fitted sheet is the answer for sleepers who feel uncomfortable sleeping in a rumpled bed. Using the correct size of covering ensures that it will stay in place, no matter how you toss and turn at night.

For Controlling Bacteria: There’s hardly any space a bed sheet doesn’t cover. This characteristic makes it almost impossible for bacteria or insects to penetrate through the mattress.

For Saving Time: Fitted sheets serve the purpose of a bed sheet but with less creases and lumps to fix. It maintains a crisp finish almost constantly, making it easy for you to fix the bed in many ways.

For Safety: Finally, a fitted sheet secures that there are no hanging edges that may cause tripping or falling. Additionally, due to the firm fit, sleepers, particularly children, will not be in danger of suffocation.

Your Best Bets in Bed Sheets

Finding the right covering for your bed is important to enjoy the benefits of a well-fitted sheet. Here’s some of your best bets in bed sheets:

Pure French Linen Sheet Set Fitted Flat Sheet Set – White

This linen sheet combines the benefits of a pure French linen fabric and a fitted sheet. Its crisp white colour makes it ideal for a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom interior design.

Pure French Linen Sheet Set Fitted Flat Sheet Set – Duck Egg Blue

A greenish soft blue in colour, duck egg blue is a popular choice for modern bedrooms. Not only is it attractive, but also creates a calming and inviting appeal to your bedroom.

Pure French Linen Sheet Set Fitted Flat Sheet Set – Natural

This natural coloured linen sheet set has a rustic charm that adds a unique character to your bedroom interior. Like the rest of the bed sheet sets in this list, it boasts the benefits of using linen including its strength, durability, high moisture absorbency and breathability.”

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