Moth Proof Blankets

If you’re putting your blankets away for summer it is always a good idea to wash them before storing.  Use this recipe to moth-proof them while you’re at it.

2 tbsp eucalyptus oil

1 cup methylated spirits

225g soap flakes (Lux flakes are good)

Mix together in a screw-top jar until all the ingredients are dissolved. Add 1 tbsp of the mixture to every 4 litres of water and soak the blankets for an hour then hand wash or wash on your wool cycle in your machine but do not rinse. Wring them dry or put them through the gentle spin of your washing machine then dry outside on a windy day out of direct sunshine. Do not rinse as the eucalyptus oil needs to stay in the wool to soften it but also deter moths.


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  1. Hi, I went looking for moth balls today with no luck as they have been taken off the market. Any ideas as a replacement for moth balls in the wardrobe and linen cupboard in older house? Many thanks

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