Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs


Not only can hemp be used in beauty products, textiles, food, and natural medicine—but hemp seed oil can be used as a dietary supplement for your dog, too! Hemp is perfectly safe for humans and animals alike, and because it has zero THC it is completely inert. Hemp seed oil has a variety of beneficial effects for dogs like joint lubrication, skin care, and coat conditioning.


Dogs must obtain omegas 3 and 6 from their food which makes hemp seed oil one of the most beneficial supplements. All they need is a teaspoon a day for a small to medium dog and two teaspoons for a medium to large dog, remember not to heat the oil, add it straight from the bottle. If you’re already feeding them a poultry-based diet don’t add hemp seed oil as chicken is quite high in polyunsaturated fats and linoleic acid and this will cause an imbalance.  To purchase our delicious hemp seed oil, click here.

Cruz loves hemp seed oil!



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  1. Hello wendyls i have a pet dog only 7 years young with advanced cancer the vet has only given her 2 weeks to live with nothing to give her can do operation but it wont help her and no other recomendations for alternative treatments she may need something stronger like oil??.

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