Gut Health Talks Rotorua & South Island

I have attended one of these talks, and the information shared is vitally important if you have any sort of gut-related health issue. Anita (pictured with her family) from The Kefir Company has an incredibly powerful story. Her son was diagnosed with Autism when she was pregnant with her second child, and their journey is nothing short of miraculous. Anita and her husband’s commitment to helping their children on the long road to wellness will take your breath away; both children are thriving and Shamus has just started Albany Junior High this year.

The Kefir Company was born out of necessity as there were no other products out there that are as beneficial to gut health. Come and learn more about how to heal at this fantastic event. The speakers are brilliant, there’s never a dull moment, and you’ll get to sample delicious food, win spot prizes and buy products at reduced prices.

Gut issues contribute to a wide range of problems so if you, your children, or family members suffer from any of the below then THIS TALK IS A MUST!  

– Constipation – Depression – IBS – Low energy
– Chronic fatigue – Eczema – Autism – Behavioural issues – Skin issues – Hormone issues – Brain fog – Immunity issues

Rotorua May 20th, St Lukes Anglican Church, 1223 Amohia St

Wanaka June 15th, Presbyterian Church, 91 Tenby St

Queenstown June 16th, Remarkable Primary School, 49 Lake Avenue

Invercargill June 17th, Southland Girls High School, 328 Tweed St, Georgetown

Bookings are essential and tickets are only $10.00 


Anita from The Kefir Company, Jo from BeNourished, Louise from Pacic Harvest, Kathryn from The Vegery and Lorene from The Connection will be guest speakers providing extensive knowledge and support on everything to do with gut health

Anita is a mother of two autistic children both who had very bad gut issues – through their gut health journey both children are fully recovered. Anita has invaluable knowledge into how she got her family well again – what tools worked and what didn’t.

Dr Lorene Dennis DC is the principal Chiropractor at Connected Families Chiropractic Silverdale. Her practice career spans 28 years with experience in cultures as diverse as Ireland, New Zealand, the Pacic island of Vanuatu and the Sultanate of Oman. She has a particular interest in babies and children, in particular children with special needs and developmental challenges and is one of six Chiropractors in NZ to complete the Diplomate in Chiropractic Neuro-developmental Paediatrics in Melbourne.

Kathryn from the Vegery will talk about pre-biotics – what they are, what they do, how a whole, real food diet is the best way to get plenty of them and share her whole food journey as well.

Louise from Pacic Harvest knows all about the unique properties of seaweed – including its prebiotic ingredients and how it can help you maintain a healthy gut. Get quick tips on how to add seaweed regularly to your diet.

Jo from Be Nourished has had her own gut health journey along with her children. Jo will touch on how important a whole food organic diet is and how traditional cultures ate.

This talk is for anyone and everyone – the principles talked about can be applied to everyday life, easily and effectively


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  1. Hi there, if you come to Thames or surrounding areas such as Auckland, I will attend. Im a naturopath and medical herbalist and would love to hear your talk. Thanks Donna

    1. Hi Donna,
      The closest on this road show would be Tauranga on the 19th of May, or Pukekohe on the Oct 24th.
      Kind regards Grant from Wendyls 🙂

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