Fruit Salts For Indigestion

A couple of weeks ago Lucas’s class at Albany Junior did an experiment where they tested different antacids. The results came out with good old baking soda working the fastest and the most effectively at neutralising acid, with Quick-Eze coming in second, while Mylanta and Eno came in last.

Considering Eno comes in a range of flavours including cola, this finding doesn’t really surprise me. Here’s the ingredients list: Sodium Saccharin, Indigo Carmine, Sunset Yellow, Tartrazine and Carmoisine (the last three synthetic colours are being phased out in the UK) If you’d like to know more about what food colourings and additives to look out for, Wendyl Nissen’s book “Supermarket Companion, How To Bring Home Good Food” has a wealth of information.

Many moons ago home made fruit salts were used to treat indigestion by helping to neutralise extra acid in the stomach. Because they bubble, they also cause the stomach to “stretch” a little which temporarily causes a feeling of fullness and a lot of burping thus easing stomach discomfort. If you’d like to make your own fruit salts free of any synthetic additives, try this recipe from our archives.

Here’s how to make your own ….

2 Tbsp baking soda

2 Tbsp citric acid

2 Tbsp cream of tartar

2 Tbsp icing sugar

Mix together in a jar and give it a good shake to combine the powders. Use 2 tsp per large glass of cold water or 1 tsp per small glass. Drink it down while it is still fizzing if you can and be prepared for a few loud burps. Make sure to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth well with water afterwards.





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