Did You Know You Can Use Egg As Conditioning Shampoo?

Do you feel like your hair has gone through the ringer, or the tumble dryer? Did you know that you can use egg to shampoo your hair and bring it back to life? This is because eggs contain a lot of protein which makes them a wonderful treatment for your hair which is made up of around 70% keratin protein, the theory is that egg helps to rebuild damaged hair strands by filling in weakened spots with protein.

One of our customers, Linda, wrote in and suggested this method a few years back.  I have tried it and can say it really does work, however you do need to be careful washing it off, hot water can cause the egg to cook a bit and you’ll have more trouble getting it off. Using lukewarm water works just fine, and you won’t need a conditioner.

“Have you tried egg shampoo, it works wonders! This sounds awful but try it and you will love the result. Crack an egg into a cup and mix lightly. In the shower close your eyes think happy thoughts and pour it over your hair. Massage into the hair as you would any shampoo and rinse off well. Your hair will be clean and soft. This is extremely old fashioned but it works.

In the 60s you could buy egg shampoo which really was ordinary harsh shampoo with, I suspect, no egg in it despite being yellow! I think the oils and dirt are removed by the proteins and the natural fats in an egg condition the hair. You certainly don’t need a separate conditioner.  Lady Mary in Downton Abbey in an early series asked her maid to make up a 6 egg hair rinse so it must be true!”

Happy shampooing, Linda

(Do not wash off with warm or hot water, cold or just warm is recommended, unless you’d like an omelet on your head)


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