Eat Less Plastic!

We all know we’ve got to reduce our plastic waste urgently. This month a crew of five brave souls, four of them Kiwi’s, have set sail from California to New Zealand. During their five-month journey across the Pacific Ocean they’ll be filming the journey, collecting data and plastic particles with a mantra trawl from parts of the ocean that have never been gathered from before.

All valuable data will be sent to researchers to analyse and quantify the impact that plastic and micro-plastic is having on the ocean, marine life and ecosystem. This information will then be used to help facilitate positive change education, by raising awareness and most importantly to rewrite and out dated legislation.

The global threat from plastic pollution is real and action must be taken now! The good news is: you can help. 

Donations are being collected via the teams Go Fund Me page, click here.

Click here to find out more about the Eat Less Plastic Team and their mission.


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