DIY Shower Cleaner

It’s not one of the best jobs; cleaning the shower, better than cleaning the toilet but still not exactly fun, especially when using shower cleaner from the supermarket, the horrible fumes linger for ages, yuk!

At home we’ve tried several different solutions to get a superior clean and sparkly finish, one of the best solutions is a good scrub with Wendyl’s Peppermint Paste, clean off with warm water, leave to dry and then spray glass with Wendyl’s Glass Cleaner and wipe with newspaper.

If you’re after a quick clean it’s helpful to have a one step solution for the shower that does not contain harsh chemicals. This recipe uses six ingredients plus water and works a treat; I’ve also used it on the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen with good results.

DIY Shower Cleaner

1 tsp Dr Bronners Citrus Liquid Castile Soap

1/2 tsp Wendyl’s Premium Soda Ash

2 tbs Wendyl’s Premium White Vinegar

1 tsp Wendyl’s Premium Borax

2 drops Lemon Essential Oil

4 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Place of of the ingredients into a glass jar then add 2 cups of warm filtered water, shake really well until combined and the soda ash and borax has dissolved. Pour into your re-usable spray bottle.  Shake well each time you use the spray.


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  1. Keen to try this! Can the essential oils be omitted? And would the Dr Bronner’s Hemp Baby Unscented soap work as well? Thanks!

    1. Post

      Yes you can take out the essential oil and you can use Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid Castile which is unscented – bar soap won’t work in this recipe.

  2. Please can you make it up and post out to: C Mouzouri, Apt 11E/9 Chews Lane Apts. Wellington Central 6011. Please advise the cost for this Shower Cleaner.
    Many Thanks and kind regards


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      Hi Claudie, we don’t sell this shower cleaner as yet, we do plan on doing so later in the year once labels etc have been produced. I will make mention of this in our newsletter when we are ready to sell it, you are already signed up. Thanks for subscribing and for your feedback.

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