DIY Natural Lip Balm

I love the Vegan Green Goddess Hemp & Manuka Lip Balm that Trisha makes for us, it’s super hydrating and leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth. That said, I thought it would be fun to make my own lip balms and share the recipe here with you, this one’s not Vegan as it contains beeswax which is easier to work with than candelilla wax when starting out.

For this recipe I choose sweet orange essential oil to flavour the balm as it’s fruity and fresh but not overpowering. I tried adding Manuka honey to my first batch which didn’t work out as it fell to the bottom when my balms were setting and I had to start again. This recipe is the successful blend, it uses five ingredients that moisturise and protect your lips whilst being light and shinny, try putting some on over lip stick for a glossy sheen.

One batch makes approximately six tablespoons or 85 grams, you can buy small containers at most two dollar shops or at the supermarket that are perfect for this recipe – buy a pack of circle stickers, hand make a label and you’ll have a lovely inexpensive gift to give to friends and family.

DIY Natural Lip Balm 

Here’s what you need to make your natural lip balm

1 Tbsp cocoa butter

1 Tbsp beeswax

1/2 Tbsp castor oil

3.5 Tbsp sweet almond oil

8 drops sweet orange essential oil 

To make your lip balm you’ll need a double boiler or a smallish heat resistant glass bowl that will fit down into a saucepan filled with hot water, make sure your water is hot but not boiling, I found keeping the element set to medium low was a good heat. Place all the ingredients except the essential oils into the double boiler/bowl and heat until melted, stir well to combine, take off the heat, add the essential oils and again stir well. Fill up your lip balm containers and rest the lids on gently until cooled so they don’t get condensation. Once cool tighten the lids and your balms are ready.



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