DIY Chocolate Orange Body Scrub


This Orange Chocolate Body Scrub is easy to whip up out of ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, just in time for Mothers Day, it smells heavenly, takes very little time to make and the essentials oils will stimulate the circulatory system whilst calming the mind and reducing tension and stress.

With our skin being the largest organ in our body it’s a great idea to exfoliate with a scrub at least once a week to keep pores clear and help your body detox.  Another way to maximize this is to have a 20 min soak in two cups of Wendyl’s Premium Epsom Salts dissolved in the bath, when done apply the body scrub, massage until tingly and rinse off.  The antioxidants from the oils will be easily absorbed leaving skin velvety smooth and hydrated.

Orange Chocolate Scrub — Mix together 10 tbsp hemp seed or olive oil, 10 tbsp soft brown sugar, 4 heaped tsp cocoa and 8 drops sweet orange essential oil and 3 drops vertiver essential oil. Combine well.

To use; massage into your skin in the shower or after a bath until tingly then rinse off.  *You can leave out the essential oils if you don’t have them on hand, it will still smell wonderful but won’t work quite as well.




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