Digestive Chai Tea


I came across this recipe when I was looking for ways to use herbs. Under my pile of books was one for herbal remedies, where I found this flavourful homemade chai that’s perfect for after dinner. It contains no caffeine and has plenty of digestion improving herbs which will help your digestive system, especially around this time of year when it’s very easy to indulge.

The fenugreek, fennel and caraway seeds all prevent gas and are settling for the stomach, the liquorice root is soothing and helps to boost immunity, and the orange peel and mint promote optimum digestion and provide healthy antioxidants. This recipe makes enough for six cups of tea, but if you don’t have six people, you can still make the full recipe and keep it in a jar in the fridge ready to reheat when needed.

Digestive Chai Tea

2 Tbl fennel seeds

2 Tbl fenugreek seeds

2 Tbl caraway seeds

1.5 tsp dired peppermint mint leaves

3/4 tsp chopped liquorice root

5 slices Ginger

peel of one small orange

8 cups filtered water

Place all of the ingredients except for the peppermint into a saucepan on the stove, cover and simmer for fifteen minutes. Remove from the heat and add the peppermint, allow it to steep for another ten minutes keeping it covered. Once ready strain and drink as is or add a little almond or coconut milk which is my fav.



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  1. Hello,
    This recipe sounds very good for stomach issues, however I just want to point out that for some people the liquorice root would not be a good idea as it can raise blood pressure. Usually herbs in herbal tea mixes are very helpful and not dangerous but with some it pays to be careful.
    I think it’s important to point this out to readers.
    Having digestion issues myself and high blood pressure I would like to make this mixture but leave out the li quorice.

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