Best Ever Feijoa & Ginger Jam

This year we’ve had an abundant crop of Feijoas from the six trees that we planted only a year ago, we’ve given many bags of Feijoas away but they keep coming, and as I really dislike waste (especially food waste) I’ve been looking for an easy but tasty recipe for Feijoa Jam that doesn’t involve peeling or scooping out the flesh.

Luckily I happened to mention this to Grant’s mum Ann and in the mail a few days later was a recipe for five minute jam.  All you have to do is top and tail the Feijoa’s, cut them in half and roughly dice in a food processor, the skins add colour, texture, and flavour when cooked.

I found my first try a little sweet so I reduced the quantity of sugar and added crystallised ginger and Green Goddess Apple Cider Vinegar to give it more of a tang. The result was a delicious zesty jam that’s great on crackers with cheese and even better on top of freshly toasted crumpets with cream fraiche, perfect to serve up on Mothers Day for afternoon tea.

Feijoa & Ginger Jam

1 kg feijoas

3 lemons, squeezed, use only the juice

150g crystalised ginger, chopped

1/4 cup Green Goddess Apple Cider Vinegar

500g jam setting sugar

1 vanilla pod

1/2 tsp citric acid

1/4 cup hot water

Gently rinse feijoas in a large bowl of cold water with a little white vinegar added, drain. Top and tail all the feijoas leaving the skins on, cut in half and through out any that are starting to go rotten, make sure you have 1 kg of good feijoas, put them into the food processor and dice roughly. 

In a pot on the stove combine the rest of the ingredients except for the jam setting sugar, add the feijoas and bring to the boil making sure the mixture does not stick on the bottom of the pot, once boiling stir in the jam setting sugar until dissolved, turn down and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove any foam that has appeared on the the top, pour into jars and seal.

**Make sure you have 4 -5 sterilised jars ready when you start to cook. This recipe makes about 8 cups. The easiest way to sterilise jars is to wash them in hot water with dish wash added, rinse thoroughly and place in the oven on 120c for 15 minutes. Cool the jars before putting the jam in.


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      Hi, you can buy it at most supermarkets, Chelsea makes it in 1kg bags, it contains citric acid and pectin. It’s the bag in the top of the first picture 🙂

  1. hi, thanks for the recipe. Hoping to have ‘too many’ on my trees next year. can i half the sugar (300gms) and still have the setting agents do their thing?

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      Hi, you can try halving the sugar and adding more Citric Acid, 1/2 teaspoon. The firmer the fruit the more pectin they’ll contain which helps the jam set.

  2. I absolutely love the sound of this recipe! We have an abundance of Feijoa of similar size to the ones pictured but the are an “very” gritty variety. I’ve tried using them in baking but this hasn’t been successful as the “consumers” don’t like the resulting grittiness, complain it’s like sand! If I make this jam Is this likely to still be the case?
    Can’t wait to try your Feijoa recipes so hope you can offer a solution.

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