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Recently I read an article recently that stated “to get the most out of your antiperspirant deodorant you should apply it at night, so it has time to settle into your pores during sleep.” Apparently, this allows the aluminium molecules to be absorbed into the cells in the sweat glands, causing them to swell and close up.

I for one do not want my glands to swell up with aluminium molecules, but that’s a personal choice. Although that piece of information did not inspire me, I continued reading and found this very interesting piece of advice regarding body odour: “How to control body odour by having a sweat transplant” Sounds pretty gross, but worth looking into; people who have strong body odour harbour a particular type of “bad” bacteria, so the idea is to introduce good bacteria under your arms by applying someone else’s low odour sweat! The new “good” bacteria then takes over the old bacteria, and the result is no more body odour.

The article also went on to mention that drinking hot drinks actually cool you down more than cool drinks due to the fact that your body produces more sweat, something possibly to be cautious of if you have body odour, and that having hot baths leading up to going somewhere with a warmer climate will help your body to acclimatise and can reduce the sweat factor, to read the full article on Stuff follow this link 

I’ve found that after using only natural deodorants for years my sweat has almost no odour and I don’t sweat nearly as much as before, I feel that my body has gone back to more of a natural state and is doing what it’s meant to do before being interfered with by my earlier use of antiperspirants. I now only use Wendyl’s and Green Goddess natural deodorants which are free from aluminium chloride and other nasties such as parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, fragrance, TEA and DEA.

If you’d like more information on the dangerous chemicals that can be in antiperspirants and regular deodorants take a read of this article from Natural News

**All our deodorants come in spun aluminium tins, this is not the same as aluminium chloride, our tins are safe, recyclable and light enough to send around the planet without costing the earth.



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