Anti-Ageing Facial Exercising

We tone the muscles on our body through exercise, so why not the face? This clever technique is a completely natural and cost-free way to combat facial ageing.

My Mum, Glenis, taught us several facial exercises when we were in our twenties (that’s my sister in the photo), she used to do them when stopped at the lights driving her car, the lady in this video does hers when out jogging. You’re going to look a bit nuts doing either but at least your face will be firm, and you’ll most likely be laughing at yourself too, and that’s the best form of anti-aging ever.

In this video Face Yoga expert Fumiko Takatsu takes facial exercising to a whole new level, she’ll show you how to isolate the muscles in your face to exercise, lift up, and firm your cheek muscles. The Face Yoga method works for all areas of the face, not just the cheeks. You can use face yoga to firm and tighten the muscles in your jawline, around your eyes, around your mouth and on your forehead.


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