5 Simple Solutions for Oily Scalps and Dry Hair

Your scalp is oily but your hair is dry and split on the ends, seems like both need special attention and different products to sort it all out. There’s apple cider vinegar treatments and I’ve found dome relief wit topically applying colloidal silver, but if you’re still using commercial/supermarket shampoo and conditioner with all those nasties then the problem is going to continue to come back. This article from the Holistic Hair panel of experts is here to help …

“So, you’re in the group of people who suffer from the conflict of having an oily scalp but dry damaged ends? You’re not alone!

If you have an oily scalp, you know how frustrating it can be to have hair that feels clean one minute and dirty the next.  The simple reason is sebaceous glands in your scalp produce excess sebum, which travels down the hair shaft making your hair feel lank and greasy at the roots.”

The question is “Why is your body producing this excess oil?

The causes of excess sebum (the natural oil produced by your scalp) vary and include your genes, hormonal imbalances, the weather & humidity and even your diet. The state of your scalp can make a big difference to the health of your hair. An oily scalp can lead to a fungus and Dandruff, or a condition called Seborrheic dermatitis, which also causes scaly patches and can lead to hair loss.”

These conditions will need to be managed with the help of special products.

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If you want to stay in control before you get to any serious condition here are some simple solutions to help you combat an oily scalp and dry hair.

  1. Washing your hair every day can aggravate your scalp and dehydrate your hair so try to avoid this and shampoo every 2-3 days. But when you do wash, shampoo and rinse twice. This will ensure you are cleansing effectively, removing any build-up and purifying the follicles and scalp.
  2. Choose the right shampoo to help cleanse the scalp without stripping the hair. Shampoos that are rich in moisturising ingredients and oils are probably not right for your oily scalp. Natural products with essential oils and natural ingredients that balance the scalp flora and inhibit microbes are more beneficial.
  3. Choose a conditioner suited for your dry/damaged hair. It’s a misconception to always choose the conditioner that is the partner product to the shampoo you have chosen. Assess the needs of your scalp and hair separately. We recommend our Sensitive or Pure Shampoo for an oily scalp and our Hydrating Conditioner for your dry/damaged hair.
  4. If you go to the gym, exercise or sweat profusely, you will feel your hair needs a daily wash. Try our Herbal Finishing Rinse Concentrate in-between shampoo days to provide the scalp with a refreshing and balancing rinse as an alternative solution to a full shampoo. Simply dilute 20-40ml into a cup of water and wash through the scalp during your shower or dilute into a spritzer bottle and use when needed.
  5. Manage your diet to improve your skin and scalp health. Find the foods you love that provide Protein and offer Biotin, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium and Iron along with Vitamins A, B & C, Folate and Omega 3 fatty acids for their anti-inflammatory properties. Sugars, refined carbohydrates and dairy can disrupt the body. Sugar is an ‘anti-nutrient’, meaning it provides no nutritional benefits of its own, and actually uses up nutrients in the body to process it, including those that you need for healthy hair. Drink plenty of water.

Authored by the Holistic Hair Panel of Experts.


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