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I know many people suffer from rosacea and I am one of them. Unfortunately, the only thing that clears it up is a long three month course of antibiotics, which is annoying as I try not to take antibiotics if I can do without. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of outbreaks, so I started doing some research and found that they now think it is caused by tiny little mites living in the skin. And then I found an email a reader had sent me ages ago which told me about a new honey product which they had found works. So I bought some and tried it. You put it on your face twice a day for 15 minutes and then wash off for two weeks. The first thing I noticed was that my skin really loved it and was very soft. Then gradually the redness cleared and now it’s almost back to normal. So I’m going to keep using the mask as a preventative and to keep those mites at bay. The product is called Honevo Kanuka and is just honey with a bit of glycerin added. It is made by a company called which is putting a lot of work into researching the healing qualities of honey. Have a look at the Ted talk on their site. They also have products for acne and nappy rash. I think this is just great as an alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals and antibiotics and I encourage you to try it.


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  1. My husband who suffers badly from this, was on permanent antibiotics, Doxycyclene. He read about this product and its working very well, has been using for about 6 weeks and big improvement.

  2. Hi was discussing rosacea over the weekend and yes it is caused by mites that thrive on the oil on your skin so best to switch to an oil free moisturizer

  3. Just a word of warning to those who cannot have sugar : I love honey skin products, but am now finding they cause thrush just as if I had eaten some honey…!

  4. I have a dairy intolerance which triggers Rosacea. Any skin products which contain mineral oil triggers my Rosacea (as well, I believe some of the other chemicals. Sunscreens proved to be a problem as well until I started using Oasis Sunscreen a more naturally based product. Plants oils are fine. The Rosacea Society ( I think that was the official name) in the US has an excellent website with lots of info. Like anything each person has different triggers. I have been able to manage my Rosacea successfully for about 20 years..

  5. Ateology of rosacea is and can be complex, even natural mite killing products may no work if there is a deeper issue. Through a painstaking research and trial and error, I narrowed mine to H Pylori in my stomach. Traditionally horrible triple antibiotics are needed to kill this and trawling through various medical journals I found a natural way. I pulled together research from Japan, USA and Turkey. A combination of Zinc Carosine (it breaks down the H Pylori protective walls made of uric acid which neutralises stomach acid so issues with digestion occur like indigestion, GERD etc.), then mastic gum kills it and the good bacteria is restored with special prebiotic. They are taken at the same time. Mine cleared in 3 weeks and then tested negative for H Pylori too. However some people may take a couple of months. All done naturally.

    1. Hello Slavka! I’d like to know how you found out that in your case it was H Pylori that was causing your rosacea? In my case, I’d like to find out what’s causing it, but how should I start? Can you share any tips, please? It would be much appreciated 🙂

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